Thankyou Dr. Gelb. Wait – let me say it 1 more time: Thank you Dr. Gelb. My TMJ really screwed with my day to day life. Head in a vice, Masseter pain – the whole nine yards. Saw dentists, oral surgeons, tried bite plates, heat, Advil, etc. Maybe I’ll get some pain alleviation for a few days – but then it was right back. I knew I had to find a TMJ specialist – so I made my way to Dr. Gelb’s office. I was a bit skeptical as I really only see doctors that are recommended to me, or that I’ve been seeing for years. Dr. Gelb & his staff were extremely friendly – listened to everything I had to say – were open – and most of all explained what was wrong – and what I needed to do to get better. He made me a few different mouth guards (daytime/nighttime) – and referred me to a physical therapist (Integrative PT of NYC). It’s been about 2 months since my initial consultation and my improvement is pretty insane. I’m still nervous the TMJ may resurface, but this is the longest I’ve gone in a while without any TMJ pain. The mouth guards work (and don’t disrupt my daily routine) – and physical therapy has been incredible. Even when I came back for my follow-up, Dr. Gelb stopped what he was doing, came into see me, sat down, spoke to me, went over improvements/next steps – and was extremely attentive. TMJ sucks .. thankfully the tri-state area has the Gelb Center.