I went to see Dr. Gelb because I couldn’t open my mouth more than a 1/4 of an inch from how bad my TMJ problem had become, Dr. Gelb did a great job alleviating the pain and readjusting my jaw, my face is even looking better (one side was caving in from the misalignment caused by my grinding)!! I had seen other dentists in the past who had made me mouth guards to help protect my teeth from grinding, but not addressing the underlying problems (arthritis in the jaw, for example). Now that I live in California, I trek across the country every few months for him to adjust my appliance. I love Dr. Gelb’s energy, efficiency, and ability to make me laugh. His staff is great, very professional and always kind. Lastly, his hygienist is amazing! First time I’ve had my teeth cleaned without pain from my overly sensitive teeth. And she’s incredibly sweet and a joy to be around.