It has been almost a year since you and your wonderful staff changed my life. By the time you all had reset the order of my bite and removed the pain in my jaw with your night and daytime appliances, my C-PAP machine for my “severe” sleep apnea was no longer needed and my sleep became quiet again. After I graduated from your excellent care, Dr. Barone recommended that I return to spend the night at the Weill Cornell Center for Sleep to get the definitive read on how well your reconstructive work had mastered my serious sleep apnea. In layman’s terms, the score for quality of my breathing while sleeping was something like a “1” and was the lowest score the Center had ever seen. I forwarded that report to you at that time. I do not expect to ever return to my C-PAP machine. Your and all your staff are truly masters of your craft!!  I would recommend you heartily to anyone who has jaw, bite, or sleep apnea issues. You are the best in the business!