I could never say enough good about DR.Gelb …he literally saved my life!!..I went to 6 doctors, yes 6! Without any of them know why I was having terrible Ear fullness and Titus that kept me up throughout the night …I had to actually take a LOA from work because it became so difficult to deal with that I became super depressed and felt so bad for my 8-year-old son..it was true torture…the upsetting moment after leaving every doctor with unanswered questions as to why??? I had a brain MRI, I had multiple hearing tests I was placed on anti-inflammatory medicine. NOTHING worked, finally, an ENT said maybe TMJ? that’s when my mother found DR. Gelb … the CAT scan showed my jaw had basically collapsed on my ear and was blocking a huge part of my airway which caused a struggle to breathe at night….yes it’s a cost center but I would spend every dollar because it is worth it ,I spent 400 on a mouth guard from my dentist prior that did absolutely nothing…less than 24 hours after wearing these mouth pieces from DR. Gelb my ear opened up because the mouth piece already began to reconfigure my jaw ..by my next visit all my issues were practically gone those mouth pieces are Gold!!!!! Dr. Gelb is my GOD send .. not only did they help my jaw.. but I stopped snoring like a bear and rarely get migraines like I used to quite frequently … This man is amazing … I love you Dr.Gelb and forever thankful to you.